UFC Fight Night 232: Allen vs. Craig Recap

UFC Fight Night 232: Allen vs. Craig Recap

Saturday, November 18, 2023, was a night to remember for MMA fans as UFC Fight Night 232 unfolded at the UFC Apex in Las Vegas, streaming live on ESPN+. The event was a rollercoaster of emotions, with a blend of intense submissions, technical knockouts, and hard-fought decisions.

Main Card Highlights:

  • The Submission Mastery of Brendan Allen: In a gripping middleweight battle, Brendan Allen showcased his grappling superiority, securing a rear-naked choke submission win over Paul Craig in the third round. This victory at 0:38 in the third round was a testament to Allen’s endurance and skill.
  • Unanimous Decision for Michael Morales: In the welterweight co-main event, Michael Morales and Jake Matthews went toe-to-toe in an intense showdown. Morales emerged victorious with a unanimous decision, displaying tactical prowess and resilience.
  • Chase Hooper’s Quick Finish: Featherweight Chase Hooper proved too much for Jordan Leavitt, achieving a rear-naked choke submission win in just under three minutes of the first round.
  • Payton Talbott’s Late Submission Win: Payton Talbott, in a tight contest against Nick Aguirre, claimed victory with a rear-naked choke in the third round, demonstrating patience and striking ability.
  • Amanda Ribas’ Impressive TKO: In the women’s strawweight bout, Amanda Ribas delivered a powerful performance, finishing Luana Pinheiro with punches in the third round, marking a TKO victory.
  • Myktybek Orolbai Uulu’s Neck Crank Submission: The lightweight bout saw Myktybek Orolbai Uulu dominate Uros Medic, winning via a neck crank submission in the second round.

Preliminary Card Standouts:

  • Joanderson Brito’s Ninja Choke: Joanderson Brito stunned Jonathan Pearce with a submission win via a ninja choke in the second round.
  • Jose Johnson’s Dominant Submission: Jose Johnson overpowered Chad Anheliger with a rear-naked choke in the third round.
  • Christian Duncan’s Striking Force: Middleweight Christian Duncan secured a TKO victory over Denis Tiuliulin with a barrage of punches in the second round.
  • Mick Parkin’s Unanimous Decision Win: In the heavyweight division, Mick Parkin edged out Caio Machado via unanimous decision.
  • Jeka Saragih’s Knockout Power: Featherweight Jeka Saragih showcased his striking ability with a knockout win over Lucas Alexander in the first round.
  • Ailin Perez’s Decision Victory: Ailin Perez triumphed over Lucie Pudilova in a unanimous decision in their bantamweight match.
  • No Contest Between Nikolas Motta and Trey Ogden: The lightweight bout between Nikolas Motta and Trey Ogden ended in a no-contest.
  • Rafael Estevam’s Decision Win: Rafael Estevam emerged victorious against Charles Johnson in a unanimous decision.

The night at the UFC Apex was filled with breathtaking moments, from swift submissions to strategic battles. Each fighter brought their A-game, making UFC Fight Night 232 an event that will be talked about for a long time in the MMA world.

UFC Fight Night Preview: Allen vs. Craig – A Night of Tactical Brilliance and Raw Power

UFC Fight Night Preview: Allen vs. Craig – A Night of Tactical Brilliance and Raw Power

UFC Fight Night Preview: Allen vs. Craig – A Night of Tactical Brilliance and Raw Power

Las Vegas, NV – UFC fans are in for a treat on November 18, 2023, as UFC Fight Night at the APEX in Las Vegas showcases a tantalizing main card headlined by the middleweight showdown between Brendan Allen and Paul Craig.

Middleweight Main Event: Brendan Allen vs. Paul Craig

The main event features a riveting clash between Brendan Allen, a formidable middleweight with a 22-5-0 record, and Paul Craig, a skilled fighter holding a 17-6-1 record. Allen, known for his aggressive style, brings a significant strike per minute (SIG STR LPM) rate of 3.96 and an impressive significant strike accuracy (SIG STR ACC) of 59.43%. At 27 years old and standing 6’2″ with a 75″ reach, his orthodox stance and 1.63 submission average per 15 minutes (SUB AVG) make him a versatile threat.

On the other side, 35-year-old Craig, standing an inch taller at 6’3″ and weighing 186 lbs, brings a slightly longer reach of 76″ and an orthodox stance. Although his SIG STR LPM is lower at 2.57, his SIG STR ACC is comparable at 58.83%. Craig’s higher takedown average (TD AVG) of 1.91 and unique submission tactics could play a crucial role in this fight.

Michael Morales vs. Jake Matthews

In another highly anticipated bout, undefeated Michael Morales faces off against Jake Matthews. Morales, with a perfect 15-0-0 record, enters the octagon as a rising star. His opponent, Matthews, brings experience and resilience with a 19-6-0 record.

Chase Hooper vs. Jordan Leavitt

The featherweight division sees Chase Hooper (12-3-1) clash with Jordan Leavitt (11-2-0). Hooper’s reach and grappling skills might be key factors against Leavitt’s dynamic fighting style.

Payton Talbott vs. Nick Aguirre

Rising stars Payton Talbott and Nick Aguirre face off in what promises to be a fast-paced encounter. Talbott’s undefeated streak of 6-0-0 will be tested against Aguirre’s solid 7-1-0 record.

Women’s Strawweight: Luana Pinheiro vs. Amanda Ribas

The women’s strawweight bout features Luana Pinheiro (11-1-0) against Amanda Ribas (11-4-0). Both fighters share a similar age and stance, but Ribas’ superior reach and significant strike accuracy might give her an edge in this closely matched fight.

Jonathan Pearce

Joanderson Brito

UFC Fight Night Preview: Prelims Add Depth to an Exciting Night

The Excitement Continues: Prelims Preview

As the anticipation builds towards the main card, the prelims of UFC Fight Night: Allen vs. Craig offer a diverse lineup, showcasing up-and-coming talent and seasoned veterans alike.

Uros Medic vs. Mykyta Orolbai

The prelims are set to ignite with a lightweight bout featuring Uros Medic (9-1-0), known for his explosive style, against Mykyta Orolbai (11-1-1). Medic’s striking prowess will be up against Orolbai’s well-rounded skillset, setting the stage for an intriguing matchup.

Jonathan Pearce vs. Joanderson Brito

Featherweights Jonathan Pearce (14-4-0) and Joanderson Brito (15-3-1) will clash in what promises to be a high-energy bout. Pearce’s balanced skill set and Brito’s aggressive approach make this a must-watch for fans.

Chad Anheliger vs. Jose Johnson

In the bantamweight division, Chad Anheliger (12-6-0) faces Jose Johnson (15-8-0). Anheliger’s experience in the octagon could be a deciding factor against Johnson’s dynamic fighting approach.

Christian Leroy Duncan vs. Denis Tiuliulin

Middleweights Christian Leroy Duncan (8-1-0) and Denis Tiuliulin (10-8-0) will battle it out. Both fighters are looking to make a statement and climb up the middleweight ranks.

Mick Parkin vs. Caio Machado

Mick Parkin (7-0-0) takes on Caio Machado (8-1-1) in a clash of rising stars. Parkin’s undefeated record will be tested against Machado’s well-rounded skillset.

Jeka Saragih vs. Lucas Alexander

Lightweight fighters Jeka Saragih (13-3-0) and Lucas Alexander (8-3-0) are set to showcase their talents. Saragih’s striking ability and Alexander’s versatility make this a compelling bout.

Lucie Pudilova vs. Ailin Perez

The women’s bantamweight bout features Lucie Pudilova (14-8-0) against Ailin Perez (8-2-0), promising a display of technical prowess and determination.

Trey Ogden vs. Nikolas Motta

Lightweights Trey Ogden (16-6-0) and Nikolas Motta (13-5-0) will go head-to-head in a battle that could propel the winner further up the lightweight rankings.

Charles Johnson vs. Rafael Estevam

Rounding off the prelims, flyweights Charles Johnson (13-5-0) and Rafael Estevam face off in a match that could set the tone for future flyweight contests.

A Night of Unforgettable Action

UFC Fight Night: Allen vs. Craig is more than just a series of fights; it’s a showcase of the diverse talent pool within the UFC. From the strategic and power-packed bouts in the main card to the high-energy clashes in the prelims, this event promises something for every MMA fan.

Fans can expect to see a blend of striking mastery, grappling prowess, and tactical genius as these athletes put everything on the line. The UFC APEX in Las Vegas is set to be the battleground for these warriors of the octagon, each aiming to ascend in their respective divisions.

With a mix of veterans and rising stars, the night is poised to deliver memorable moments and potentially career-defining victories. As the fighters prepare to enter the octagon, the MMA world waits with bated breath for what is sure to be an exhilarating display of martial arts at its finest.

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