Terence Crawford Loses IBF Welterweight Title, Jaron Ennis Ascends to Champion Status

Terence Crawford Loses IBF Welterweight Title, Jaron Ennis Ascends to Champion Status

Terence Crawford, previously holding the undisputed welterweight title, recently lost his IBF title, resulting in a sudden change in the boxing landscape. The International Boxing Federation (IBF) removed Crawford’s title, immediately elevating Jaron Ennis, the interim IBF champion and mandatory challenger, to the top champion position.

Crawford, a dominant force in the WBO, gained the WBA, WBC, IBF, and Ring titles after defeating Errol Spence Jr. in a significant bout in July. While he retains the other titles, the IBF’s action stands out as a solitary move by an organizing body. The situation unfolded after Crawford’s victory over Spence, as the IBF had ordered him to defend his title against Ennis. Ennis, known as “Boots,” secured the interim title earlier in January and successfully defended it in July.

However, complications arose when Spence activated a rematch clause, obliging Crawford to face him again. The IBF’s regulations, particularly Rule 3.B., do not accommodate rematch clauses if they interfere with mandatory title defenses. Consequently, the IBF withdrew its recognition of Crawford as their welterweight world champion.

This decision by the IBF has historical precedence in the welterweight division. For instance, when Errol Spence Jr. won the IBF belt against Kell Brook in 2017, he defended it multiple times, but only one of those was a mandatory defense. Spence retained his title through various challenges, including recovery periods after a car accident and an eye injury.

As for the future of the IBF welterweight title, Jaron Ennis is now obligated to defend his newly acquired title. Cody Crowley, an undefeated Canadian boxer, is anticipated to be his next challenger. The boxing community awaits further developments, particularly regarding a potential rematch between Crawford and Spence​.

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